What GOLDI stands for

GOLDI-Sauger (soother) is a branded product and is registered with the German and International Patent and Trade Mark Office. GOLDI soothers are made entirely from 100% natural rubber. GOLDI does not contain any additional mixtures of synthetically produced rubber based on crude oil. As GOLDI is a purely natural product, there may be slight differences in colour or surface appearance during production, but this does not affect the quality. Even the clouding of GOLDI after boiling does not affect the quality, but is proof that GOLDI is a natural product. So-called latex soothers, which already show clouding when purchased, are usually made using synthetic rubber.

GOLDI geprüfte Qualität

Certified quality

For product safety, independent, state-accredited test laboratories tested the GOLDI soothers in accordance with EN 1400-3 and no nitrosamines/nitrosatable substances, latex proteins, 2-mercaptbenzothiazole (MTB) or antioxidants (BHT) were detected. Mechanical safety in accordance with EN 1400-2 was also confirmed. In addition, the GOLDI teats were tested for bisphenol-A (BPA) according to the test method/standard EN 14350-2 and the test result confirmed that GOLDI’s natural rubber does not contain any bisphenol-A (BPA).

A German test magazine tested our natural rubber teats and awarded a “very good” rating for both the natural shape and the bevelled shape. All GOLDI natural rubber products have been manufactured using the same raw material and processing methods for over 20 years. The ingredients are constantly tested by a German certified institute in accordance with EU standards. The GOLDI guarantee for carefree use: all tested ingredients are not only below the legal limits but also below the limits of quantification.