GOLDI toothing aid

Teething aid made from 100% natural rubber.
Massages the gums and makes them soft.

When the first teeth appear, the gums stretch over the protruding tips of the teeth. This is not only painful for the baby, it also makes the baby feel out of tune. The pain is often accompanied by a slightly elevated temperature. To relieve the pressure pain and to calm the baby down, it helps if the baby is given the GOLDI teething aid to bite on. The firmer edge and the nubs of the GOLDI teething aid soften the gums and thus speed up the passage of the little teeth.

Additional cooling (only in the refrigerator) of the teething aid reduces blood circulation and inhibits inflammation.

Made from 100% natural rubber by GOLDI-Sauger. Without BPA, hormone-active substances or plasticisers.


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GOLDI bottle teat

Breastfeeding is the best thing for your baby.

For mothers who do not produce enough milk or cannot breastfeed sufficiently for health (or similar) reasons, GOLDI also offers bottle teats made of natural rubber in various sizes, which ensure good adaptation to natural sucking behaviour. GOLDI bottle teats are also equipped with an anti-colic function thanks to grooves and embossing on the underside of the teat.

The bottle teats have different teat holes for the different growth phases:

Flaschensauger Doppelpack

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Test report for GOLDI bottle teats

GOLDI teething ring

Bite and cooling ring made of medical plastic – from 3 months.
Massages and cools the gums.

The GOLDI teething aid is a cooling and teething ring that is ideal in several ways: When the first teeth appear, the gums stretch over the emerging tooth tips. This is painful and uncomfortable for the baby. Giving the baby the cooled GOLDI teething ring to bite on helps to relieve the pressure pain and calm the baby, as cold reduces blood circulation and inhibits inflammation. The firm, elastic ring with its nubs softens the gums and helps the little teeth to come through.

The GOLDI teething ring is filled with sterile water as a coolant. The ring is made of the plastic EVAtane (ethylene vinyl acetate), which is also used in medical products, and is free from silicone and chemical softeners.

The easier the teething phase is made for the baby and the more hardness and consolidation of the teeth are supported in early childhood, the healthier the milk teeth and permanent teeth will develop in later years.

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Test report for the GOLDI teething ring